Autism,The Montessori Way

by Rachel Peachey

Begin your journey in learning with a fresh perspective. For many, exploring Maria Montessori's philosophy has greatly changed the way they parent, teach or even view children. This is especially true for children with autism, who require even greater understanding from those who care for them. Whether you're a parent or an educator, this audiobook was designed to help you learn about both autism and the Montessori method.

Autism, the Montessori Way is aimed at helping parents, teachers, or caregivers understand how the Montessori method can be most helpful for children with ASD, and how to respond to typical struggles children with autism have. It explores topics such as early intervention using Montessori, managing choice and freedom, grace and courtesy, understanding and responding to triggers, and more! In this audiobook, Rachel Peachey offers insight for respecting the unique needs, perspectives and interests of children with autism, while also encouraging their independence and growth.

You love your children and want to give them the very best. Give them the best learning method to achieve their true potential. Give your children the gift of Montessori.