Montessori for the Christian Home

by Rachel Peachey

"A great respect for the individuality of the child should be part of our deepest Christian thought; and putting this thought into practice should tend to the personal refinement of every religious teacher.” -Dr. Maria Montessori

In addition to creating her educational methods, Dr. Maria Montessori spent a lot of time working on a methodology for teaching children about religion. She did quite a bit of writing about her beliefs on how children can be guided in the Christian faith.

In this short, new book, Rachel Peachey dives into this deeply religious side of Dr. Montessori and presents the reader with 50 wonderful children's activities, inspired by her teaching philosophy and deep beliefs in Christ. Rachel begins with a basic introduction and overview of the Montessori teaching methodology, and discusses Dr. Montessori's faith. Then she presents activities to help guide children ages 2 to 6, on subjects such as Studying Scripture, God's Creation, Talking to God, and more.

Give your children the gift of learning with one of the most powerful methods available today. Give your children the gift of Montessori.

"...children embody something so special, a gift so precious, that we can be transformed by them. We just have to open ourselves up to that possibility." -Rachel Peachey