Highly Sensitive People Going Strong

by Josephine T. Lewis

How to leverage your HSP attributes and succeed in business, friendships, and romance!

Have you ever wondered why you always seem to be more affected by the world around you while everyone else seems oblivious to it? Are you more sensitive to lights, sounds, medications, coffee and alcohol, or even violent fiction or crimes on the news? You could be one out of every five Americans who live with high sensitivity. Although this could bring you many more obstacles to face in life, there are many advantages this brings you if you learn how to master your senses properly. This book will help you learn about the many ways your senses can be affected. You will delve into all the different areas of your life and will learn how to better understand yourself when faced with obstacles, and have the tools to help you fight through them and use them to your advantage. You don't know yourself as well as you think.

Inside this life-changing book, you'll find out that you are not alone! Many highly sensitive people (HSPs) live amazing lives by using their unique skill sets to great advantage. As you listen to this book, you'll come to realize that your increased awareness of the world makes you more profoundly affected by everyday life - and especially social interactions. However, your HSP also makes you special - and an invaluable asset to your coworkers, friends, and lovers!

What this book covers:

The traits that may come along with being highly sensitive and how they give you an advantage in life 

How to live with your senses when it comes to life itself, your social interactions, your job, relationships, as a parent, and why being highly sensitive is considered a plus 

Scenarios that may occur in your life and how to handle them with coping skills and life tips 

Thorough explanations for why highly sensitive people are hardwired the way they are, so that you can better understand how your senses make you who you are

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